How important is quality and on-time delivery of your machined and fabricated parts?


    Suppose you could establish a relationship with one manufacturing firm that could deliver quality and timeliness for all your machining and fabrication needs.  Imagine having your machined parts delivered to you complete with no additional outside services required.


Take a moment to meet Cotter Machine Company.  We are an owner-operated company started in 1974 and have been steadily growing ever since.  Cotter Machine is located in West Wareham, MA and employs over twenty talented and motivated people.  Cotter Machine currently has 23 CNC spindles and a multitude of conventional secondary equipment.  Our building was built in 1999 specifically to house our innovative and customer friendly company.  


    Throughout our many years of business, Cotter Machine has established many productive and solid relationships with our material vendors, outside service contractors, and tooling vendors to provide our customers unparalleled service and quality.  


    Please give us the opportunity to show you what we can do for you.  Contact Cotter Machine at 508-291-7400 today.


Thank You

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